Cloud IT

ScalableCloud Services

Raptor IT Solutions can help navigate you through the all of the Cloud Services options.  To help you determine the best solution for your business.  Moving to the cloud future proofs your business, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime, and with multiple devices.

The right solution for you will depend on your businesses future goals and security requirements.  The cloud can provide the flexibility for your business to scale and grow with the business.  Whether it is a public, private, and/or hybrid cloud option we will make sure the solution fits your needs.

Work Anywhere

Hosted E-Mail

Hosting your e-mail in the cloud is essential for small businesses.  The ability to scale reduces costs by eliminating the costs of purchasing your own e-mail server.  Cloud hosted e-mail provides redundancy since the e-mail servers are at Datacenters with backup servers, backup power, and backup internet.  Reducing the odds of your e-mail being down compared to hosting your own server.

File Share & Sync

Quickly sharing files between you and your clients have never been easier and more secure.  You can also share between your team on projects or daily tasks.  Smart syncing allows you to save space on your local machines and stores a bulk of the files in the cloud ready when you need them.  You can also sync your desktop, documents, and pictures automatically to the cloud.  If your computer dies rest assured once you get your replacement you will re-login and all of your files will be where you left them.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IP allows you to take your phone anywhere with you as long as you have internet.  It also provides the mobility to use your computer as a phone, or make business calls with your business phone number from your cell phone.  Allowing you to be more mobile and less tied to the office chair. 

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Cloud Virtual Desktops provides a simple and flexible way to deliver a consistent experience to your team.  Making your footprint smaller, and meeting compliance easier.  Users store all of their data and applications on their virtual desktop.  Using their existing computer or thin client to access their virtual desktop.  Securely resting in the cloud with end to end encryption, multi factor authentication, and backups.  Workers can securely work from anywhere and have the same experience, apps, and files no matter what device they login with.

Video Conferencing

In todays climate, and more people working remotely.  People still need face to face interactions to ensure they are understanding the message you are trying to convey.  This helps avoid the endless e-mail chains and phone tag.  As long as you have a webcam, microphone, and internet you can meet with anyone in the world.

Cloud Security

Raptor IT Solutions can help ensure you keep your Cloud IT secure.  We deliver the security and stability your business requires.  End to End Encryption, Multifactor authentication, e-mail hardening, and more.  We work with you to understand your business and how you can best utilize the cloud.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

With Cloud File servers you can share filed outside your organization.  When you do they should be secured with a password or them to login.  This ensures that you are sure the person with the link is the intended recipient.  You can also have them upload files which you can access right away.

This depends upon your organization structure.  If you need to be able to scale your business with a turn of a key and your employees working from anywhere is in your business model then this surely is an option for you. Desktop as a service can make it easier to obtain security and compliance.  The computing is done in the cloud rather than on the local machine.