Phones that do more

Old analog phones leave much to be desired in todays technology enriched environments. With the pairing of phones and software we can help you fix your problems of missing phone calls, texting customers/patients, appointment reminders, and encouraging customers to leave online reviews.

You are not limited to only answering calls at the office or texting at the office.  All from the fingertips you can use the application to text from your business number or make a call.  This prevents patients and customers from calling personal cell phone numbers.  Providing a more seamless experience and ensuring missed calls are a thing of the past.

8 Systemsin One

All information and communication woven together to tell you one story—
one story that will power your business
and delight your customers.


Smart phone system that can help you identify customers, heavy call times, and opportunities to schedule an overdue appointment or collect an overdue balance.


Full payment processing and easy collections with text to pay.


Powerful two-way texting—wherever you are—to communicate with customers, send updates, schedule appointments and collect payments.


Easy internal team communication wherever you are with Team Chat.


All your customer information in one place to give you a complete customer profile—manage, organize and view customer information for every interaction.


Powerful analytics to help you make better business decisions – Call Analytics, Payment Analytics.


Easily view and manage your schedule— send appointment reminders, confirm or reschedule appointments and fill gaps in your schedule.


Get discovered and improve your reputation with Reviews.

Save time& Money

The average office that uses this phone system sends and receives about 33 texts per day. Considering that the average text takes 13 seconds compared to 90 seconds for the average phone call, texting with this phone system could save you around 176 hours a year. Imagine what your team could do with an extra 176 hours.

The average office that uses this phone system answers 18% more incoming calls than the average office not using our phone system. Considering around 90% of non-patient missed calls will never call back, that’s a lot more new patient opportunities.

No need to pay for several different services with feature overlap, not to mention the inefficiency of having to know several softwares, and just the basic inconvenience of jumping back and forth between apps.

We provide phone services, so you can quit your current phone provider and their inflated bills (not to mention their less-than-desirable customer service).

Our Phone system reminds offices of scheduling opportunities an average of 6 times a day. That’s 1,560 times a year. That’s a lot of scheduling opportunities.

How VoIPcan help

Never Miss a Call

Grow Your Business

Automate your Communication