Data Backup & Recovery

Complete Recovery Solution

An IT disaster can strike at any time so preparation is key.  An effective backup and recovery solution is critical to protect your data and ensure business continuity. Computer Backup & Recovery is business class protection of your servers and workstations. It allows us to back up and recover at a file-, application-, or systems level – for both physical and virtual machines. 

Backup& Recovery

Computer Backup

  • 1 copy local, 1 copy remote Full hybrid-cloud allows use of any on premise storage or our cloud storage.
  • Faster backups Speed up backups of large files, applications, and databases by automatically tracking changes at a block level in between backups.
  • Store data longer Extend beyond the standard retention model and help ensure compliance with regular permanent archives.
  • Virtual system support VMware ESX and Hyper-V platforms are natively supported.
  • Full system protection Recover an entire image with a local copy of data or restore directly from the cloud with automatically backed up OS boot up environment, system state, applications, and data.
  • Bandwidth throttling Restrict bandwidth use during business hours so users are not impacted by backup or restore operations. 

Rapid Restores

  • Restore Quickly The application automatically selects the fastest restore location: local or cloud.
  • Move Less Data Automatically recover only corrupted portions of files & databases, moving less data to achieve faster restores.
  • Be Ready for disasters Continuous recovery automatically updates a standby server after each backup session of the live server, meaning you can failover in minutes.
  • Exchange Restore Restore Exchange environments at a granular file or full database level.
  • Virtual Disaster Recovery Physical or virtual server can be restored to a virtual machine. VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, and Amazon virtual machines are supported.
  • Bare Metal Recovery Recover entire servers or workstations from a bootable USB in a single pass, even to dissimilar hardware. 

Outstanding Security

  • 27001 CertifiedThe highest standard in data management.
  • End to End EncryptionAll backups are encrypted on the production machine, then transferred over secure connections to the cloud. Data is only decrypted during a recovery at the business’s site.
  • Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) All data encrypted with AES 128 or 256-bit encryption in motion and at rest.
  • Globally Distributed Data Centers We use multiple SSAE-compliant and ISO-certified data centers globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend at least daily backups.  If you are working with very important data it can be backed up every 2 hours. You can back up even more often then every 2 hours depending upon computer resources and bandwidth.

This depends upon which restore is best for your situation. You can restore using the system image of your last backup and all your programs, settings, and files are right where you left them. 

The other more time consuming option is to do a fresh reinstall of windows and your programs.  Then only restore all of your files/documents.  We would recommend this if your previous operating system was giving your issues beforehand.

Yes you can backup to the cloud.  We recommend a local backup and seed the initial backup to the cloud at a location with faster internet.  Even though it is a full backup, incremental backups only upload the files that have changed so the daily backups can be shortened down to a few minutes even on slow internet.

We also recommend a local backup.  Even with fast internet a local USB drive will have a faster recovery time than downloading the backup from the internet.

Your backup sits encrypted in the cloud servers.  Since we provide end to end encryption the only way to view your files would be to use the secret encryption key to decrypt your files during a recovery at your business site.