Cyber Security & Compliance

Cyber Threats

Technology is used everywhere and no business is exempt from these threats.  The increased attacks on networks and exploitation of vulnerabilities is alarming.  The cyber threat is evolving and they are constantly improving their phishing attempts and social engineering.

There is not one tool to rule them all when protecting from Cyber attacks.  Think of your business as a home.  You can have locks on the doors and windows, but if they break the glass or pick the lock what is the next line of defense?  You need an alarm to deter them and alert authorities.  The next line of defense can be an attack dog or weapon of choice.  Regardless if you don’t lock the doors, forget to set the alarm, and leave the dog in the back yard the intruders have free reign of your home and belongings.

Raptor IT Solutions can help ensure your door is always locked, the alarm is set, and the dog is in the house.

Compliance Services

Some businesses need to meet strict regulatory & compliance measures.  HIPAA IT Compliance, PCI IT Compliance, RIA IT Compliance, and more.  Raptor IT Solutions will work with your business to help you meet and stay in compliance.  Maintaining compliance is ongoing and we take the worry of that away from you so you can focus on your business.  You focus on your day-to-day responsibilities and deadlines while we stay informed and up to date with the changes in regulations and requirements.

We can provide:

Frequently Asked Questions

You definitely should have a firewall whether software or hardware to provide a barrier between your computers and the internet.  Without a firewall your computers are directly exposed to the internet allowing potential malicious traffic to be sent to your computers.  An enterprise grade firewall will have advanced features such as Intrusion Detection and Prevention.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to your files until a sum of money is paid for the encryption key.  A user will get an e-mail and open the attachment.  It will open and the user will not know that their files are being encrypted in the background.  The software will also search the network for friendly computers and encrypt their files as well.  It is recommended that as soon as you think your files are getting encrypted to shut down your computers on your network until you can mitigate the issue.

A brute force attack is a scripted attack that automatically tries thousands of different combinations of words and numbers